The Kings of Christmas
365 Days a Year


1. Christmas On Long Island
2. Sleighride
3. Letter to Santa
4. Christmas Wreath
5. The Empty Chair
6. Christmas Passed
7. How Do You Feel
8. Pages of My Life
9. Soldier's Song (The Wall)
10. New York Christmas
11. How's Your Life
12. Time of Year
13. Henry the Horse

Line up:

Tommy Farese - Vocals
Guy LeMonnier - Vocals
Maxx Mann - Vocals
Tony Gaynor - Vocals
David Silva - Guitars, Bass
Tommy Wynder - Drums
Paul Morris - Keyboards

Record Label / Year of Release:

Iron Lung Entertainment 2011


For fans of Trans-Siberian Orchestra, a coup has taken place recently involving original members Tony Gaynor (vocalist-narrator), Tommy Farese (vocalist), Maxx Mann (vocalist), Guy LeMonnier (vocalist) and Paul Morris (keyboardist) jumping ship to form their own Yuletide celebration outfit The Kings of Christmas.

Guy LeMonnier spoke about the their new album in a recent interview: "Our desire was to create an album more pop-oriented, consisting of radio-friendly, solely original tunes. We have no remakes. No rehashed songs from the "public domain." Our stories are more real-life oriented instead of fantasy oriented. We wanted to concentrate on the circumstances that real people experience during the holidays... The theme is the variety of emotions felt during the holidays. Each emotion represented by one of The Twelve Ornaments of Christmas."