A Tribute to Jason Becker
Warmth in the Wilderness


CD 1:

1. Stormwind – A little Ain't Enough
2. Torben Enevoldsen – Altitudes
3. Ron Keel’s Iron Horse – Eleven Blue Egyptians
4. Cosmosquad - Jam for Jason
5. David Martone – Higher
6. PUA – Becker Ola
7. Rolf Munkes’ Empire – Dogtown Shuffle
8. Evolution – Go Off
9. Mark Boals & Lars Eric Mattsson – Hammerhead Shark
10. Hit The Ground Runnin' – Jasin Street
11. Tony Baena – If You Have to Shoot
12. Josephine of Phantom Blue – Baby’s on Fire
13. Jeff Scheetz – Sensible Shoes
14. Cyril Achard – ESP
15. Phi Ansari Yaan-Zek & Lale Larson – Air

CD 2:

1. Project Alcazar – Opus Pocus
2.Eric Sands & David Ragsdale – Mandy’s Litttle Throbbing Heart
3. Paul Nelson – Blue
4. May Lian – It's Showtime
5. Jeff Pilson – Becker’s Bolero
6. Mattias IA Eklund – Lydia's House
7. All the Usual Suspects – Drop in the Bucket
8. Rob Johnson – Forcefield
9. Mistheria with Rick Renstrom – Urmila
10. Marty Friedman – Black Stallion Jam
11. Paul Gilbert – Hawking
12. Anders Johansson – Primal
13. Eric Zimmermann – Rain
14. Mike Campese – Concerto
15. Robin McAuley - Tell the Truth
16. Torben Enevoldsen, James Byrd – Outro Jam

Line up:

Marty Friedman, Paul Gilbert, Vinnie Moore, Steve Morse, Chris Poland, Jeff Watson, James Kottak, Ron Keel featuring from Robert Marchello, Phantom Blue, Patrick Rondat, Stuart Smith, Alex Masi, Phi Ansari Yaan Zek, Lars Eric Mattsson, Jeff Kollman, Eric Sands, Anders Johansson, Stormwind, Stephen Ross, Mike Chlasciak, Carina Alfie, Torben Enevoldsen, Lance King, Rolf Munkes, Kelly Keeling, Mark Boals, Sultan Of String, Kee Marcello, Tommy Denander, Chris Sterberl, Terry Syrek, David Martone, Jeff Scheetz, Slav Simanic, Mike Campese, Neal Nagaoka, Eric Zimmermann, Matt Bissonette, Joseph Anasatcio Glean, May Lian, Neil Zaza, Mistheria, Gerhard Pichler, Ted Poley, Terry Brock, Jonathan Mover, Paul Morris, Mark Mangold, Cyril Archard, Mattias IA Ekland, Rob Johnson, Stevie Salas, Byron Nemeth, Jeff Pilson, Tony Gamble, Ron Thal, Tony Baena, Joy Basu, Jesse Bradman, James Byrd and more

Record Label / Year of Release:

Avalon Records 2001


Jason Becker is a major musical talent struck down by a disease without cure - he did not look for such a fate, and he is coping with considerable grace under such a burden. It would seem appropriate then as a tribute to his abilities, and as a means of perhaps easing his battle a little, that Lion Music brings you two tribute albums featuring interpretations of his work in David Lee Roth, with Cacophony and solo (along with originals dedicated to Jason), performed by friends and musicians who have been touched and influenced by Jason's music. Vol I. and Vol. II. are also double CD albums, features an incredible roster of artists, including Steve Vai, Lars Eric Mattsson, Terry Syrek, Marty Friedman, Randy Coven, Stephen Ross, David Valdes, Tommu Denander, Milan Polak, Carlos Creator, Mistheria, J.K. Northrup, Steve Booke, Magic Elf, Mario Parga. Another outstanding tribute to this influential guitar player.

Warmth in the Wilderness: A Tribute to Jason Becker features a large cast of musicians performing some of Jason Becker's best-known songs. Some of the performances include Stormwind's version of "Little Ain't Enough," Torben Enevoldsen's version of "Altitudes," and Evolution's version of "Go Off." Some of the featured songs document Becker's work with David Lee Roth -- "Little Ain't Enough," "It's Showtime," and "Drop in the Bucket" -- and there are several of the songs co-written by Mary Friedman -- "Eleven Blue Egyptians," "Go Off," "ESP," "Black Stallion Jam," and "Concerto." This tribute will be best appreciated by Becker fanatics who also enjoy the work of the featured performers.

Ted Poley, Machan Taylor, Gerhard Pichler, Kenny Aaronson, Johnny Balsamo, Mark Mangold, Paul Morris, and Jonathan Mover team up as All The Usual Suspects on Roth's "Drop In The Bucket".