Joe Lynn Turner
Hurry Up And Wait


1. We Will Survive
2. Sex and Money
3. Guilty Heart
4. Days of Rage
5. Game of Rock 'n' Roll
6. No Room for Love
7. Sentimental
8. Too Much is Not Enough
9. Blueprint for the Blues
10. Can't Face Another Night
11. Someday

Line up:

Joe Lynn Turner: Vocals, Backing vocals on 3,5,7,8,10,11
Kenny Kramme: Drums
Greg Smith: Bass, Backing vocals on 3,5,8
Al Pitrelli: Guitars on 3,6,10, Guitar solo on 5, Backing vocals on 3,5
Paul Morris: Keyboards except on 2
Al Greenwood: Keyboards on 11
Chris Caffery: Guitar solo on 3, Backing vocals on 5
Tony Bruno: Guitar on 2,5,7,8,9,11
Bob Held: Guitar solo on 2
Tom Teeley: Keyboards on 2, Backing vocals 2,10,11
Doogie White: Backing vocals on 8
Jock Guthrie: Backing vocals on 2,8,11; additional guitar on 11
Jeb Guthrie: Backing vocals on 8,11
Nancy Blender: Backing vocals on 1
Dina Miller: Backing vocals on 1,7,8,11
Kyle Gordon: Backing vocals on 1
Steve Bello: Backing vocals on 9
Godfrey Townsend: Backing vocals on 1,9
Swan: Backing vocals on 1,9
Benny Harrison: Backing vocals on 8,11

Record Label / Year of Release:

MTM Music / Pony Canyon (Japan) 1998


Hurry Up And Wait is the 4th solo album by Joe Lynn Turner released in 1998. According to Turner, there were supposed to be two tracks on the album featuring Doogie White, 'Too Much is Not Enough' and 'Freedom Wings', but the latter didn't make the album. Also, 'Too Much Is Not Enough' is a re-recording of a song from Slaves and Master by Deep Purple.

The European release on MTM Records was not before late 1999.