From The Fire
Thirty Days and Dirty Nights


1. Hold On
2. Same Song
3. Tears Cried in the Rain
4. Over Your Head
5. Take My Heart
6. Love Struck
7. Spark and Flame
8. Go All the Way
9. Where Are You Now

Line up:

J.D. Kelly - vocals, keyboards
Tommy Lafferty - guitars
Thaddeus Castanis - bass
Paul Morris - keyboards
Michael Sciotto - drums

Guest Musicians :

Pat Regan - keyboards
Nadine Arel - keyboards
Paul St. James bass
Jimmy Z - sax
Theresa Straley - vocals (track 7)

Record Label / Year of Release:

Thirty Days and Dirty Nights 1992


Was originally entitled "30 Days, 30 Nights" but was no doubt changed by a fast thinking label exec who though a bit of sleaze would sell a few more albums. But, as the title may lead you to believe, this is not sleaze, but a nigh on monster of a Melodic Aor album. "Spark To A Flame" is a duet between J.D. Kelly and Teresa Straley of Harlow fame. Produced by none other than Jean Beauvoir, and if you listen carefully to some of the grooves you will spot similarities to the first Crown Of Thorns album. ("So Whats It Gonna Be" = "Are You Ready") And...ahem...Tommy Lafferty was ex Voodoo X and would go onto play with...erm... Crown of Thorns.

re-issue by Yester Rock/Membran in 2009