Vick LeCar
Blue Moon


01 I Don't Want You
02 Son Of A Witch
03 Never Stranded
04 Between Heaven And Hell
05 Take My Hand
06 Run Like A River
07 Turn And Burn
08 I New York City
09 One More Shot
10 Condor Pass
11 Shinin' On

Line up:

Vick Lecar - guitars
Ed Terry - vocals
Paul Morris - keyboards
Gordon Gebert - keyboards
Danny Miranda - bass
Michael Sciotto - drums

Record Label / Year of Release:

Record Heaven 2000



Gathered here on this album are a collection of Long Island NY based musos under the banner of Vick Lecar's Blue Moon. An exceptional collection yes, with band members having past lives in other outfits. Morris and Sciotto previously were with From The Fire, while Miranda has previously played with that other Long Island cult band Blue Oyster Cult. Lecar himself is a guitarist imbued in that fine tradition of seventies string benders. Very hard rockin', but blues based. You can tell this guy has listened to many LP's by Alvin Lee, Ritchie Blackmore, Gary Moore, Michael Schenker and Jeff Beck. I love this style, and it's great to hear it resurrected with so much attitude in the 21st Century. Lecar had previously released an EP called 'Never Stranded' for which Joe Lynn Turner sang four tracks on, but this has become quite hard to obtain now. His live appearances throughout the New York, Jersey and Texas club scenes are now legendary, and he backs it up with this album entitled 'Blue Moon'. Along with Lecar's guitar virtuousity is the rather aewsome vocal talent of Ed Terry. Man, this guy can belt out a tune or two, with raw gritty power personified.

The Songs

There's never a dull moment on here, and a treat to hear two keyboardists at work here. It isn't fluffy AOR you get, but heavy handed organ runs straight out of the 70's. 'I Don't Want You' starts off intriguingly enough, before a sonic guitar blast wakes everyone up. 'Son Of A Witch' is a real throwback with the crankiest guitar this side of a Jeff Beck recording session I've ever heard. The 'off the wall' approach on 'Between Heaven And Hell' is wickedly heavy, straddling the fence between the 70's and 90's.

In Summary

In fact, I enjoyed this album so much, for it's pure all out rockin', laying no pretentions as to it's influences considering it stands out like an albino in Harlem. Again, another top release from Record Heaven, and heres hoping the work of Vick Lecar gets a further mention in the rock world over the coming while.