Angus Clark
Grace Period


1. Lost In You
2. So Frustrated
3. Say It
4. Leaving Today
5. Tried to Let You Go
6. September
7. Goodbye Song
8. Is It Raining Where You Are?
9. Grace Period
10. Rest of My Life
11. Black Coffee

Line up:

Angus Clark - vocals, spoken vocals, guitar
Bonnie Clark - spoken vocals
Paul Morris - keyboards
Pemberton Roach - bass guitar
Colin Brooks - drums

Record Label / Year of Release:

Stacca 2004


Angus Clark, guitarist for Grammy winning artists Kitaro and the Trans-Siberian Orchestra, steps out with his solo debut. "Grace Period" showcases his talent as both a singer and a songwriter, displaying a pop sensibility that so many other guitar heroes lack. A variety of influences can be heard, from David Bowie to Robin Trower, Black Sabbath to John Mayer.